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Forgotten ​the Poobags.

I would love be writing a blog with a "candid" photo of me standing on a sunny beach saying something like 'A well earned break' or 'Paradise' but I'm not there and neither do I have the money to be in 'Paradise'. Instead, here is a photo of me in someone else's beautifully sunny house, pretending to write this blog (I'm on eBay). What I can tell you other than moaning, is that I have been building my illustrations portfolio. The dog and cat in this photo being two of the things I've come up with (you can find them in the 'Work' section of this website for a closer look). Way before Christmas and the January Taxman came rushing in (like that feeling you get when the dog starts taking a crap on a busy pavement and you've forgotten the poobags), I bought myself a Wacom Tablet, so that I could illustrate straight on to my computer. Being quite the traditionalist this was a very new thing for me. I barely flick the channels higher than channel 5 because "We didn't have all this choice in my day". I also refuse to use emojis, but that's a different story. ANYWAY...using a mixture of medium like watercolours and inks then scanning them in to the computer and using the Tablet, I've really enjoyed the process of creating these illustrations and I'm hoping you enjoy looking at them. Having a creative thinking brain I tend to dart from one project to the next but one project I am hoping to finish soon is a children's book I've been writing with my friend and incredibly talented illustrator and writer Tom Sears - check out his work and keep your eyes peeled for news on that. Well that's about it. I've ticked "write a new blog" off my list. I'll get on with watering the plants and all the other things I can do other than the things I really need to do. Dx

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